5 Tips On Engaging Children On Your Holiday Vacation


  1. Find some fun games that can keep you and your children occupied when waiting  
  • Story time – Everyone in your family goes around and everyone contributes a sentence to a story. For example, you start off with one person and they begin the story “Once upon a time there was a prince” then the next person continues the story. It’s a fun game that gets every family member involved and also a fun memory you can laugh about!  
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5 Important Things You Can Do With 30-60 Minutes


As parents we know time is one thing you cannot take for granted. We value the time with spend with our children and try to get the most out of the time we spend on our careers, but time is often the one thing moms and dads do not give themselves. But before you can take care of anyone else you have to take care of, yes parents, yourself. We know it sounds cliché but you’ll be surprised by the number of parents who say they cannot find any time for themselves.  

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