Did You Know?

-Generation Alpha (born 2010- 2015) will not know a world without smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, Uber and much of the technologies we use on a daily basis.

-Children today have mastered unlocking smartphone screens, performing their own searches and swiping to find their particular app of interest by the age of 2.

-Generation alpha will interact on social media for a significant amount of their socializing.


Omodé’s Offers

An Alternative

Hands-on approach to learning and having fun at Mom & Dad’s convenience. Research shows that hands-on learning has been proven to enhance creativity & an understanding of what is being taught. 

A Boost

We love technology and it is not going anywhere with Omodé you can use the latest technology to find teachers, educators and community members to provide your child with new skills that interest them and can ultimately be mastered!


From tea party playtime to improv story time to second language you can find an array of engaging activities for your child to enjoy. There are an array of choices to fulfill the most curious child!


We are an on demand program that accommodates your busy schedule. Our providers meet you wherever and whenever you need us. Work, home, vacation!