Welcome to the Omodé Community. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Q. What does Omodé mean?

A. Omodé a Yoruba word meaning children.

Q. Can I book an Omodé session on the same day?

A. Omodé currently has a 24-hour policy. We are launching our app Spring 2018 where you will be able to book available service providers within minutes. Sign up to know when we launch!


Q. Where can I download the app?

A. We are launching the app Spring 2018. We are currently offering a variety of services on our website.


Q. It says you can service up to 3 children, do they have to be in the same family?

A. No. It can be a cousin or friend, as long as parental guardians of all of the children have a signed waiver.


Q. Have your service provider’s gone through an extensive background check?

A. Yes. Each service provider goes through a full background check to ensure safety and professional conduct.


Q. When will Omodé come to my area?

A. Omodé is currently offering services in a few local communities. Sign up here to know when we will be available in your area. Click the link


Q. I am a service provider, how can I work with Omodé?

A. We are always looking to extend our Omodé family! Applications are here


Q. Are the hours flexible?

A. You work as little or as often as you want. Be sure to update your availability in your online account.


Q. How do service providers get paid?

A. Payment is made every Thursday via PayPal.

Q. I was approved but I have not been booked yet. Is there another step?

A. Omodé is rolling out by community so it is possible we have not opened up services in your area yet. Sign up to our service provider mail list to know when services begin in your area.