A Fresh Approach

Omodé takes a fresh new approach to the often unattainable work/life balance parents seek. Where does family fit into this evolution from 9 to 5 work schedule to what is now often a 24/7 work life?

Children often spend their extra time asking parents the proverbial “Will you play with me?” The answer often is “not right now,” not because that is the answer we want to give but between work, cooking, bedtime, preparing for the next day and helping with homework it is often just not possible.

We at Omodé love to take the ordinary and combine it with a fun learning activity! We provide parents with support while children engage in loads of fun and learning!

Work & Play

We will meet you wherever you need us, it is our job to have your back! Whether it is workplace events, the office, networking events, working trips at hotel suites or working at home. Your child is enriched, you get to take a breath and when your Omodé provider leaves you are now equipped to pick up the baton engage in play because you have gotten the rest and help you need!

Learn & Dinner

A cooking session is one of the many programs that Omodé has to offer. Our cooking session allows you to involve your kids in meal time where kids make a breakfast, lunch or dinner! Children prepare the table for dinner, giving moms a break and kids a boost in confidence as they take pride in contributing to the refreshment of parents and all of dinner!

There is so much more that Omodé provides for both parent and child. The opportunity to provide a platform for work life balance that meets the parents life needs and children’s creative desire to play, adds to a more fulfilling experience from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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