5 Tips On Engaging Children On Your Holiday Vacation


  1. Find some fun games that can keep you and your children occupied when waiting  
  • Story time – Everyone in your family goes around and everyone contributes a sentence to a story. For example, you start off with one person and they begin the story “Once upon a time there was a prince” then the next person continues the story. It’s a fun game that gets every family member involved and also a fun memory you can laugh about!  
  • Guess the song or movie. Start singing a song or say a quote that’s in a movie and have your children guess it! It can be quite humorous when the father has to start singing Frozen lyrics for the children to guess.  
  • Magazine letter game. This is a game that our family used to play on airplanes. Every plane has magazines in the chair pocket in front of them. You simply open up a page of the magazine, go through the alphabet starting with A, and the first person to find an “A” wins

2. Understand that your children have a low attention span 

Whether they are a toddler or a teenager. Children have low attention spans. Here are a few ideas on how to keep them occupied 

  • Bring snacks. Nothing like a great snack to keep your child occupied for a few minutes.  
  • Bring little surprises. It’s the holiday time. Bring a few little stocking stuffers to keep your children engaged. You can reward them for being patient by giving them a small present. Nothing is more agonizing than waiting to check into your flight when your child is complaining that it’s taking a long time. Suggest to them that you have a surprise for them that’s waiting on the other side of security if they are patient. They’ll be excited with their new coloring book with stickers and pencils and they can start using it on the plane too.   

3. Be smart when you fly  

  • Pick an early flight  
  • When you pick an early flight your children will most likely be tired anyways. Its proven that less people fly on earlier flights, and if you’re lucky your children will be tired and fall asleep on the plane too.  
  • Make sure they wear pull ups   
  • Even if your child is 5 and has out grown pullups. It’s much easier than having to deal with your child asking you to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Especially when there’s no exit within the next 10 miles, or the fasten seat belt sign is on.   

4. Plan ahead 

  • Its best to stay organized on trips so you can get the most out of your trip. Plan activities for you but also for your children. You can even have them pick something out so they’re excited to do it. Plan time for your children to be tired and take a nap. If you are planning something especially tiring, make sure it is close to your hotel or wherever you are staying in case your child wants to go home and relax.  

     5. Most importantly, encourage your children to turn their screens off.   

  •  Nothing ruins a family vacation like your child on their screens the whole time. Make sure they understand that traveling and seeing different parts of the country or world is very important and special. Make family memories together by spending time with one another.  

By: Nikki Mercer

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