5 Important Things You Can Do With 30-60 Minutes


As parents we know time is one thing you cannot take for granted. We value the time with spend with our children and try to get the most out of the time we spend on our careers, but time is often the one thing moms and dads do not give themselves. But before you can take care of anyone else you have to take care of, yes parents, yourself. We know it sounds cliché but you’ll be surprised by the number of parents who say they cannot find any time for themselves.  

Below are a 5 important things you can do with those precious minutes to get you feeling like yourself again.  


  1. Take a “Lunch” Break-At Home 

Parenting is the only profession where there is no mandated lunch break so you’ll need to mandate it yourself.  That means no interruptions, no serving others, no multi tasking. Just 30 to 60 minutes of me time. Whether you use that time to eat or take a power nap is up to you.  As parents it is our job to raise a confident, intelligent, well-rounded child. It can be difficult to try and teach so many life skills when you are tired or hungry. That’s why it is important to have time to restore your energy so that you can then, concentrate and refocus your positive energy to raising your child.  


  1. Restore Your Energy 

Mental health is very important. Two of the main general personality types are introverts and extroverts. Research says that introverts make up 26-50% of the population. Introverts require space for thinking and processing and feeling. It is important to restore your energy. Meditation and breathing techniques are beneficial for stress or anxiety.   


  1. Plan Ahead 

Take time to plan out your week so there is less chaos. Studies show that more organized people are overall, less stressed. That is because when you are organized, you are less likely to waste time. In just 30 minutes you can plan out your schedule such as meals, errands, or activities for the rest of the week. In that time you can make a grocery list for the week, plan ahead for carpooling, and plan to do errands when your kid is at daycare or having a play date with a friend. The outcome of this allows you to have extra time overall. Say you went to the grocery store for 1 hour every Sunday to get a week worth of dinners. Compared to going 5-7 times a week for half an hour to get that nights dinner.  You save 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours weekly by planning ahead and purchasing groceries all at once.  


  1. Girl Talk/Bro Time 

When was the last time you spoke to your mother, father or friends? In 30 minutes you can give your mom, dad or friend a call and catch up on life. They’ll appreciate it infinitely and it might even inspire one of them to come visit and spend more time with you and your children. It is very important for children to have a relationship with their grandparents; it has proven to develop mental health. It is also very important to maintain friendships with people. Guess what friends are also great for? Venting. Friends give you a non-judgement free time to express your frustration or emotion.   


  1. Retail Therapy 

Okay parents, when was the last time you bought something for yourself? How amazing does it feel to aimlessly walk around Target or Marshalls with no rush and no agenda? Studies show that clothing and what you wear significantly effects your self esteem.  When you look good, you feel good, right?


By: Nikki Mercer

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